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Tackle That To Do List!


Here at Tim the Handyman, we know all of you out there have a list or two lingering! Is there that one thing that every time you look at just frustrates you because you just haven't gotten around to doing it?

Good news, that is what we specialize in drywall repair! We love being able to knock-out those odd jobs and help you cross of your list! Now doesn't that feel good??? Patch a hole in your drywall, paint a spare room, install a back-splash, hang some artwork-basically whatever you need, we are here for you!

Tim the Handyman is also highly experienced with working with senior citizens. Prior to owning his own business, Tim spent over 11 years providing maintenance and support to the elderly. He loves to be able help out where he can and provide a solid, positive experience!

Give us a call today, appointments are booking fast! Don't let your list continue to linger.


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